Answers We Provide You

Phase 3

Lastly, we will help you figure out how much of each product you need to complete your project without running short.  If you wish, we will also give you a fair installation bid on your project.

Answers we provide you

Listed below are a few examples of what we do to ensure you leave our store with 100% confidence in your decision and purchase.

  • We will figure out how much square footage you need exactly (including needed waste)

    • You must provide us with accurate measurements of the area.  If you are having us install the product, we can discuss having one of our team members come out and complete the measurements for you.

  • Every project requires products such as grout, thinset, edging, sealers and more.  We can help you select the products necessary and make sure that you order enough of each item to complete the job.

  • If you plan on doing your own installation, we have many products that can make your life easier.  Let us know what you’re trying to do and we can show you products that can save you time and effort.

  • Are you wondering how to move forward with getting the product installed after you purchase it?  That’s what we are here for!

    • If you bring in your measurements and select the product, we will give you a fair bid on the spot.

    • Not confident in your measuring skills?  Let us know and we can talk about the possibility of having one of our team members come out and measure for you.