Importance of the Vinyl Wear Layer Thickness

What You Should Know About Wear Layers When Buying Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to its wide range of available styles, low maintenance requirements, and durability. When contemplating different options, homeowners should pay special attention to the product’s wear layer thickness. The following guide explains what this is and how it should affect your decision.

What is the Wear Layer?

The wear layer thickness refers to the top level of the vinyl floor. It is transparent and usually features a urethane coating to protect the underlying paper print, which is what gives the vinyl its color and style. In some cases, the wear layer may be textured to enhance the print film.

The wear layer determines the durability of the vinyl flooring; the thicker it is, the better the flooring will hold up to foot traffic and other possible sources of damage. This piece is measured in MIL. 0.1 millimeters is equal to 4 MIL, while one millimeter is equivalent to 40 MIL

.A picture of installed wood-look vinyl with a good wear layer thickness that has a rubber mallet laying on top of the floor.

What Wear Layer Should You Buy?

While a big box store may offer seemingly lower prices on luxury vinyl, this is likely because they are selling cheap vinyl with a wear layer that is only 6 MIL. This flooring may only last a few years, particularly if it is installed in an area that receives heavy use.

It is always worthwhile to purchase vinyl with a MIL rating of 12 or above. Not only do these products last much longer, but they also come with longer warranty coverage; many are essentially warrantied for life. These products will look and perform better in the long run, helping you save money by not needing to repair or replace them regularly.


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